This summer Prontofoods S.p.A. will present his new Maraviglia Functional Infusions hot and cold.
These new products were born by the need to unite the pleasant taste of the infusions with the beneficial functions usually owned by the teas. A new technology permits both hot and cold cold infusion, making this products useful in hot cup during the winter and in cold decanter or fresh bottle during the summer, to take away at work or doing sports.

This is the list of the tastes:


  • ORANGE & CINNAMON ANTIOXIDANT, with Vitamin C and Selenium to prevent the cellular aging
  • CHERRY & POMEGRANATE DRAINING, to eliminate toxins and to drain body fluids
  • GUARANA’ & LIME ENERGY, with B3 vitamin to recharge your energy
  • MATE & VANILLA REGOLARITY, for digestive system wellness and to help intestinal regularity
  • HONEY, MINT & LAVENDER RELAX, for mental well-being and for body relaxation
This products will be release in convenient boxes with 15 envelope filters, contanining 2 g. of product each.
You’ll find Maraviglia Functional Infusions hot and cold in the italian distribution supermarkets.
Maraviglia is a Ristora’s brand.