Retail products include soluble preparations for cold drinks, in particular instant lemon and peach teas, preparations for table water, Idrolitina and Fizzina, and preparations for hot drinks such as chocolates, coffee, specialty coffees and preparations for cappuccino, in classic cans, jars and sticks. Many of these drinks are available also in capsules compatible with all the main systems on the market. Conventional and organic teas, chamomiles, infusions and herbal teas are available under the Maraviglia brand. The offer is completed by cane sugar and a line of sugar substitute sweeteners available in sachets, tablets and liquids.
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The Ristora brand was born in ‘60s specifically for the Vending channel. Automatic Distribution still was in its embryonic stage in Italy when Luciano Pensante had the intuition to invest in powder milk, which he had seen for the first time imported in big bags from the United States. After the foundation of Prontofoods, the Ristora brand became a leader in the Instant Drinks market, in particular with Chocolate and Granulated Milk, and later with Instant Lemon Tea. Today the Group is a reference supplier for the main Vending companies all over the Europe. The products of the Vending line are available in 1 kg, 500 g, 250 g formats and in single-dose sachets.
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Prontofoods has always been a partner of distributors specialized in the Ho.Re.Ca channel with Ristora, Maraviglia, West End, Gardenhouse brands or private labels. With dedicated formulas and formats we expand the offer within our product segment.
The proposal is aimed at both the world of commercial catering (hotels/restaurants/bars) and the panorama of collective catering (canteens, nursing homes, communities in general, airline and naval catering).
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