Our internal Research, Development and Quality Control laboratory pays the utmost attention to guaranteeing high quality standards.


Laboratory, Research & Development and Quality Control

The Laboratory, directed by two specialized Doctors, has sophisticated instruments capable of carrying out the analytical determinations necessary on raw materials and finished products in order to guarantee the high quality standards required by Prontofoods and its customers.
13 people work in the Quality Department, in close contact with production, carrying out recurring checks on incoming raw materials and production batches, and creating samples based on customer requests.

Each product undergoes hygienic-health checks before it is placed on the market. The company avails itself of the consultancy of numerous accredited external laboratories, to guarantee compliance with all mandatory legal limits. Prontofoods holds various certifications, including IFS Food, Kosher and Halal. It also processes some raw materials certified according to various standards, such as Organic and Rainforest Alliance, also operating from an environmental sustainability perspective. It holds two health stamps which allow the issuing of certificates for the export of dairy products to more than 30 countries. We also have the health authorization for the production and packaging of food supplements.