Ristora produce molte referenze per il Retail, dai Tè solubili alla storica Idrolitina, dalle bevande al Cacao al Cappuccino e Orzo solubile, dai Tè al Ginseng al Caffè al Guaranà:

Tè solubile
Idrolitina e Frizzina
Cacao e Cioccolate
Caffè, Cappuccini ed Orzo solubile
Caffè & Ginseng e Caffè al Guaranà
Capsule compatibili A Modo Mio
Capsule Compatibili Nespresso
Capsule compatibili Dolce Gusto
Dolcificanti e sostitutivi dello zucchero
Preparati per dessert
Marchio Maraviglia in filtri
Infusi funzionali a caldo e freddo Maraviglia
Brodi e Gelatine
Camomille solubili

Instant tea

Instant tea has always been one of the company’s best-selling products, and was among the first Ristora branded products to be included in large-scale retail trade.
he range includes instant Lemon, Peach and Green Tea in a 1 kg bag, 750 g Blueberry and Berries Tea, 550 g instant Lemon, Peach and Green Tea with reduced calories content, the Instant zero sugar Lemon and Peach Tea, instant Lemon, Peach and Green Tea in displays of 20 90 g bags, and Lemon and Peach Tea in trios of 200 ml briks.

Idrolitina and Frizzina

Idrolitina and Frizzina are two historic Italian brands that became part of the Prontofoods group at the beginning of the 2000s. Their products are useful to make water effervescent and more thirst-quenching.
Idrolitina is available in the classic case with 20 sachets and in the version with 25 effervescent tablets, for digestive use. Frizzina instead in the historic pack of with sachets.

Cocoa and Chocolate

The Ristora brand range includes milk-soluble Chocolate in a 300 g can or 500 g or 800 g jar, milk-soluble thick chocolate in a cup, in a format of 5 bags of 25 g each or in a 500 g format. , the White Chocolate in a thick cup soluble in milk in the format of 5 bags of 23 g each, the bitter Cocoa in a 250 g can, and the sweetened Cocoa also in a 250 g can.

Instant Coffee, Cappuccino and Barley

The range of Instant Coffees includes Agglomerated Spray Coffee in a 100 g glass jar and Decaffeinated Freeze-dried Coffee in a 100 g glass jar.
The range of Cappuccinos instead includes the classic Cappuccino in 250 g can, the Decaffeinated Cappuccino in 250 g can, the Barley Cappuccino in 250 g can, the Salted Caramel Cappuccino to be sweetened in a 150 g format and the Flavored Vanilla Cappuccino to be sweetened always 150 g.
To complete the vast choice of breakfast products we also have Organic Ground Toasted Chicory in a 250 g bag and Skimmed Milk Powder in a 300 g can.

Ginseng Coffee and Guarana Coffee

The Ristora brand range includes Ginseng Coffee in cases with 10 sticks, Ginseng Coffee to be sweetened in cases with 10 sticks and Guaranà Coffee in cases with 10 sticks. We also have the West End branded range, which includes Ginseng Coffee in a bag of 20 sachets and Ginseng Coffee for sweetening in bag with 20 sachets.

“A Modo Mio” compatible capsules

Ristora capsules are compatible with the main dispensing systems on the retail market. The range of “A Modo Mio” compatible capsules includes five different flavours: Ginseng Coffee, Lemon Tea, Organic Barley, Cappuccino and the new Chamomile with Melatonin. The entire range is available in boxes of 16 capsules. Request our capsules in all major supermarkets.

“Nespresso” compatible capsules

Ristora capsules are also compatible with the “Nespresso” system. There are six flavors available: Ginseng Coffee, Organic Barley, Lemon Tea, Chamomile with Melatonin without sugar, Macchiato Coffee and Hazelnut Cappuccino. They are all available in boxes of 10 capsules each. Request our capsules in all major supermarkets.

“Dolce Gusto” compatible capsules

Dolce Gusto compatible capsules Ristora capsules are also compatible with the “Dolce Gusto” system. The range is truly varied and heterogeneous, for a total of around 23 different flavors available in various formats. In 10, 16 and 25 capsule versions we have Ginseng Coffee, Organic Barley, Lemon Tea and Cortado Coffee. In 10 capsule version there are also Sweetened Whole Milk, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Classic Cappuccino, Mokaccino without lactose, Cappuccino without added sugars and without lactose, Chocolate with Hazelnut, Classic Chocolate, Chocolate with Orange, Chamomile with Melatonin without sugars, Chamomile Orange and Honey, Digest Herbal Tea, Relax Herbal Tea, Blueberry and Mixed Fruits Infusion, Ginger and Turmeric Infusion, Ginger and Lemon, Pekoe Tea and Earl Gray Tea. Many other new products are coming, request our capsules in all the main supermarkets.

Sweeteners and sugar substitutes

The range of sugar substitutes consists in Stevia sweetener in 200 tablets dispenser, in 250 g can and in cases of 60 sachets, the Ristora Light sweetener in 300 tablets dispenser, in 60 sachets case and in liquid format in a bottle, from Fructose in 500 g can, from Erythritol in a 250 g can, from 1 kg Cane Sugar, from Sugar Cane, from Maple Syrup in a 250 g bottle and from Organic Agave Syrup in a 350 g bottle.

Dessert preparations

The Ristora dessert preparations include the 180 g Instant Chocolate Pudding, the 140 g Instant Vanilla Pudding, the 200 g Creme Caramel, the 75 g Panna Cotta and the Crema Catalana, and finally the Orocrema in a case of 5 envelopes.

Maraviglia brand in filters

Maraviglia is a historic Italian brand of tea, chamomile, infusions and herbal teas in filters. The Sant’ Olcese plant in the province of Genoa was taken over by the Prontofoods Group in the early 2000s. The Maraviglia range is one of the largest on the market of filter products: Fine Classic Tea, Morning Time Tea, Green Tea, Mint Tea of 25/100 thread/bag filters, Sifted and Soluble Starry Night Chamomile, Infusion of Fennel Seeds, Organic Ginger and Turmeric, Organic Ginger and Lemon, Organic Ginger and Orange, Blueberry, Mediterranean Flowers and Fruits, Flowers and Berries, Mallow Leaves and Linden Flowers, Tisana Relax, Digestì, in Linea and Purity, and finally Karkadè.

Maraviglia Functional Infusions hot and cold

These new products were born by the need to unite the pleasant taste of the infusions with the beneficial functions usually owned by herbal teas. A new technology permits both hot and cold cold infusion, making these products useful in hot cup during the winter and in cold decanter or fresh bottle during the summer, to take away at work or doing sports.

Broths and Jellies

The range includes Leghorn Vegetable Broth in a display of 20 bags, Leghorn Vegetable Broth in a 1 kg jar and Ideal Cube Jelly.

Ristora Soluble Chamomiles

The range is completed by the Ristora brand chamomiles: Soluble Chamomile with Lemon 100 g, Soluble Chamomile with Lemon in packs of 14 sachets and Soluble Chamomile with Melatonin Without Sugar in packs of 16 sachets.