The Group

Prontofoods S.p.A. is an Italian industry based in Montichiari (Brescia). Leader in the production of soluble preparations for instant drinks under the Ristora brand, it also holds other historic brands resulting from various acquisitions (Maraviglia, Idrolitina, Frizzina, Ideal, Leghorn, West End, Prolait). Furthermore, in 2019 the group acquired Crastan S.p.A., a Tuscan company leader in the production of soluble barley in Italy.


The company is present on the Italian and international markets, and exports to around 80 countries. Thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio of its products and the relationship of trust created over the years with consumers and commercial partners, it has become a point of reference in the various channels in which it operates: Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending.

It produces a wide range of soluble products and food preparations: tea, chamomile, coffee, cappuccino, barley, coffee & ginseng, preparations for chocolate drinks and chocolate in the cup, granular milk, white drinks, sweeteners and sugar substitutes, sorbets, puddings and other desserts, infusions and herbal teas, single-dose salt and pepper, vegetable broth, jelly cubes.

Starting as Vending leader, to the development of new product lines

The company, historically a leader in the Vending channel, also stands out for being the largest Italian packager of tea, chamomile, infusions and herbal teas in filters, with 29 packaging lines, and for having undertaken a path of strong expansion in the capsule market compatible with the major systems available. It also deals with the creation of private label products and with the sale of semi-finished products for the food industry.

Industrial Production

Production takes place in the two factories of Montichiari (BS), in the one of Sant’Olcese (GE), and in the Crastan’s two of Pontedera (PI), and has been kept entirely in Italy. The two production sites in Montichiari occupy a total area of 126,000 square metres. The total number of group employees exceeds 400 units.