Prontofoods S.p.A. has created a new institutional video to open its doors in a metaphorical way to consumers and operators of the Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending channels.

The video, created by the Veronese videomaker Guglielmo Magagna, shows everything that is “behind the scenes” of the success of Ristora and the other brands of the group. In fact, Production becomes the protagonist of the narrative: the vastness of the warehouses seen from above, the raw materials, the automated warehouses, the mixing systems, the modern packaging lines alternate in a journey inside the great industrial reality that Prontofoods represents. Some images were shot inside the Laboratory, which always works in close contact with Production and carries out the important function of quality control.

The full video can be viewed here on the site in the Il Gruppo section, but some images taken from it are also present on the Home Page. It will also soon be uploaded to YouTube and company social networks.