The Ristora brand is leader in the Instant Drinks market and today the Group is the reference supplier for the main management companies. Our range:

Milk powder
White drink
Instant tea
Instant coffee
Ginseng Coffee
Soluble barley
Instant chamomile
Flavored cappuccinos
Single-dose sachets

Milk Powder

Prontofoods is leader in processing Milk Powder, and sells it under both Ristora brand and Prolait brand, which had acquired from a French company in the same sector. The range includes Skimmed Milk, Partially Skimmed Milk and Granulated Whole Milk. Compongono la gamma il Latte Scremato, il Latte Parzialmente Scremato e il Latte Intero Granulare.

White Drink

The White Drink is a milk-flavoured drink used in Automatic Distribution. t is produced with different percentages of milk and is distributed under Ristora and Prolait brands.


Ristora Chocolate is the most used by the Automatic Distribution in Italy.

Instant Tea

Ristora Instant Tea has always been one of the most important products since Prontofoods began operating in Vending channel. It is available in Lemon and Peach flavours, in sweetened and unsweetened versions.

Instant Coffee

The range of Ristora instant coffees is made up of Instant Coffee, Freeze-dried Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee.

Ginseng Coffee

Ristora Ginseng Coffee is produced using the Ginseng root, the most valuable part of this plant which best retains its beneficial properties.

Soluble Barley

Soluble barley is available for vending in the appropriate 500 g bag format.

Soluble Chamomile

Soluble Chamomile is present in the Vending channel in two versions: natural and lemon.

Flavored Cappuccino

Cappuccinos for Vending are available flavored with Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish flavor and Caramel flavour.

Single-dose sachets

Many of Ristora’s instant powder products are also available in single-dose sachets.